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Our Business

Application software development

Web application development

Smartphone/tablet's application development

Vietnam investment support

ABV feature

Low cost

Vietnam is the first destination of China plus one strategy. The cost is still relatively cheap.

High quality

Not only we inherit software engineering techniques from the parent company with 37 years experience, but we also has built ourselves software development process and quality management, therefore we can provide the software with Japanese quality. And the most important thing is that we receive satisfaction from our customers.

Technical skill

Vietnam - with the national policy on IT, IT human resources are abundant and even the graduated students also have the progamming ability. Moreover, they can learn new techniques from English site easily.

Flexible response

Depending on customer demand, we have many type of contract: outsourcing, R&D contract, dispatching to Japan, BPO...

Japanese skill

About 1/3 of our employees have experience working in Japan. Moreover, there are also Japanese learning activities inside and ousite company, and dispatching to Japan.

ABV's skill

Programming language and technology

C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, JSP, JavaScript, PHP, Flash, FLEX, HTML5, XML, RWD, Flat Design, AR


Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL


Windows, Solaris, Linux, Android, Windows 8


JBuilder, Eclipse, NetBean, Jdeveloper, Dreamweaver, OracleForm, Struts, Apache, Tomcat...

Cloud Service

AWS, Salesforce